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2019-2020 Dayton PMI Board Nominations

Looking for a great leadership opportunity to boost your resume?  Have leadership skills that are just begging for a chance to be shown off to your peers? Do you feel passionate about the future of our project management field of service?  Looking for a way to give back to your community?  Want to network with other leaders in our community? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have one more question you should consider answering yes to, “Have you considered running for a position on the PMI Dayton/Miami Valley Chapter Board?” 

BACKGROUND:  Our Board of 12 rotates out half of the elected officers every year so that there is always continuity provided to our Chapter.  There are currently 6 open positions for the Dayton/Miami Valley Chapter Board – VP of Administration, VP of Finance, VP of Membership, VP of Outreach, VP of Professional Development, and VP of Volunteers.  Each position will begin the two year term on January 1, 2019 and end on December 31, 2020.

REQUIREMENTS:  Serving on the Board for our Chapter requires, in general, being a member in good standing of the Dayton/Miami Valley PMI Chapter; attending all Board meetings (we meet once a month: sometimes physically, sometimes via telecommute); reporting out monthly on your area of representation for the Chapter; building plans for your specific area that align to the Board’s strategic direction; managing projects either directly or via volunteers that fall under your specific area of the Chapter’s interest; being a good steward of the Chapter’s resources; and attending an annual strategic planning session to set the direction for the coming year for the Board. 

HOW TO APPLY:  Nominations for the six currently open positions will remain open until September 24, 2018.  Elections will be held afterwards for any positions that have nominations submitted by two or more people.  Announcements of the 2019-2020 newly elected Board members will be made at the October Chapter Dinner and Business meet on October 23, 2018 (see our event calendar to register).

In order to volunteer for a Chapter Board position, you will need to fill out a nomination form, located on our website at  Nominations will then be submitted electronically to

All nominations must be submit by Monday 9/24/2018.


POSITION DETAILS:  Volunteer Chapter Role Descriptions for the open positions are below:



ROLE DESCRIPTION: Responsible for preparing, maintaining, recording, and circulating all records, correspondence, minutes of Board meetings, and related affairs of the Chapter. 


  • This role is responsible for safekeeping of all governing documents including approved bylaws, articles of incorporation, charter agreement, board policies, and other non-financial records for the Chapter.
  • Creates the minutes of record for all board meetings.
  • Ensures that the board follows protocol and bylaws of the Chapter in their business processes.
  • Coordinates with all other officers, including VP Finance and President, and the PMI National organization as needed.



ROLE DESCRIPTION: Oversees the management of funds for duly authorized purposes of the PMI Dayton/Miami Valley Chapter. 


  • Manage all Chapter financial arrangements, records, and required state, local, and federal tax reports.
  • Prepare Chapter financial reports.
  • Partner with CPA for the chapter, who prepares the tax filings.
  • Develop an annual operating budget for the fiscal year for Board approval.



ROLE DESCRIPTION: Responsible for addressing the needs of Chapter membership, including membership recruitment, retention, and associated value delivery in accordance with Chapter policies and bylaws.


  • Develop and implement a chapter membership plan that ensures continued growth through proactive recruiting, retention and member engagement, including the establishment of measurable goals and the monitoring of success metrics for appropriate action
  • Develop and implement a Community Outreach Plan including commercial, not-for-profit and other professional associations about membership
  • Customer Service -create relationships and network with members and among members to make the membership most beneficial to them
  • Create and plan networking opportunities and events for the members to meet and get to know one another as well as share best practices
  • Answer general member/non-member information inquiries and other requests for assistance with membership and its benefits
  • Support and attend annual general meeting and all Chapter meetings as appropriate
  • Primary user of the Membership Data in the Chapter Reporting System (CRS) for Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Maintain the membership records of the Chapter
  • Provide communication list/member updates to officers as requested
  • Coordinate the production and distribution of timely membership reports, such as monthly membership reports by demographics (city, state, age, industry, etc.)



ROLE DESCRIPTION: Responsible for coordination and oversight of all activities related to academia, businesses, and communities to promote and provide project management support to scholastic, businesses, and non-profit organizations.



ROLE DESCRIPTION: Develop and execute a coordinated, yearlong program to enhance the professional development of the PMI Dayton/Miami Valley Chapter membership and the practice of project management in the Dayton/Miami Valley area.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  Schedule 2 or 3 Professional Development Events each year 2 Classes and Summit:

  • Identify and research speakers, review materials, and contract with speaker. 
  • Identify class location and arrange contracts for breaks, and all equipment needed for event.
  • Staff registration desk for day of event, name tags, PDU letters, class feedback letters, and receipts for event. 
  • Assure event is supported by member of Committee.
  • Create PDU event in PMI database.
  • Partner with the VP of Communications and VP of Marketing to create and distribute marketing materials for the event (both on Chapter website and other locations deemed appropriate).
  • Post PDU's after event.
  • Create budget and P&L for the event.
  • For Summit: This is separate event run under professional development - working directly with the Director of the Summit due to the size of the event - 2 days and approximately 21 speakers.  As a result, it well take approximately 9 months with multiple volunteers spending about 400 hours to be have a successful Summit. 



ROLE DESCRIPTION: Responsible for addressing the needs of the volunteers, including recruitment, retention, recognition, and leadership development training and support in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws.


There are additional roles that are non-elected positions: Director of Technology and Director of Marketing.  If you are interested in learning more about these roles or have interest in volunteering, please contact


If you are interested in filling one of these open positions, be sure fill out a nomination form, located on our website at  All nominations must be submit by Monday 9/24/2018.