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2018 Board of Directors for PMI Dayton/Miami Valley

Nominations & Elections

Which positions are open for election?

All DAYTON/MIAMI VALLEY PMI board positions are a two year commitment (except the one year commitment for the President-Elect), with approximately half of the Board positions changing each year. The Vice President (President Elect) position assumes the role of President in the subsequent year, and the President moves into the Past President position.

Elected board positions open this year are:

  1. VP of Finance
  2. VP of Certification
  3. VP of Communications
  4. VP Programs
  5. VP Marketing
  6. President-Elect

The operating year is January 1 to December 31. New positions are effective January 1 of the next calendar year. So those who run for this elections will serve as a board member for our chapter from January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2019 with the exception of the President-Elect position. The President Elect position will server from January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2020 (one year as President-Elect and two years as President).

Typical duties and responsibilities are included in the Position Descriptions at the end of this communique. Besides the elected officer positions, there are other volunteer opportunities in our Chapter, such as the 2018 Summit Executive Chair and assistance with the PMP certification classes. To find out more about our Director and Chair opportunities as well as all of our other volunteer opportunities, please reach out to our Director of Volunteerism, Steve Ritter,

Who can run?

Any Dayton/Miami Valley PMI Chapter member whose membership is in good standing at the time of the election may run for a position. Having a PMP is not a requirement, being a local PMI chapter member is. Nominees also are required to maintain membership during their tenure at the Board. All chapter members are encouraged to consider running for a Board of Directors position. The Board is strengthened when there is a broad, diverse representation from its membership.


Why Volunteer?

As our own Past President, Deb Renard, states –

Fully aware that this is a major commitment, I ask myself, “What do we offer to make it worth the investment of time and energy?” My reflections follow: I joined the board after being laid off for the first time in my life in 2008. I was not mentally or socially prepared for the upcoming job search and in 2008 the opportunities were very thin and the competition equally stiff. I knew that I needed to connect with my peers, so jumped in with both feet into the board, looking for peer support, networking and mentors. To have the opportunity to network with our community’s highest caliber of leaders is truly a blessing that I will be forever thankful for. I more than found what I needed on the board and was re-energized for the search that lay ahead.

Other reasons to join the Board include:

  • PDUs…lots and lots of PDUs (both for volunteerism and for trainings attended while in a board capacity).
  • Personal satisfaction, recognition, branding, and networking with others
  • Leadership Opportunities – conferences, meetings, mentoring
  • Develop/Enhance Project Management, Leadership, Technical, and Business skills
  • Give back to local community & Project Management
  • The ability to influence the success of PMI Dayton within the community
  • Provide (future) Project Managers a way to learn about Project Management
  • Provide Project Managers a way to grow as Project Leaders

Because one person can make a difference!!!


Nominations to the Board of Directors

Nominations will be accepted until October 1, 2017. Nominees must fill out the form and submit it no later the deadline.  You can submit your nomination form electronically via  Alternatively, a softcopy of the form can be obtained via the following link and sent to


Election Process

  • Open positions for election this year are:
    • VP of Finance
    • VP of Certification
    • VP of Communications
    • VP Programs
    • VP Marketing
    • President-Elect
  • All open board vice-president positions and the president-elect position will be elected by majority vote.
  • Regardless of whether a position is contested by two or more people or has one candidate nominated, voting will take place for all positions to ensure that the chapter has had their voice in the process.
  • Should open positions remain unfilled after elections, the current President will subsequently select and present a suitable candidate to the Board for appointment to the position.
  • Election results will be announced October 17, 2017 at the Annual Chapter Business Meeting.


Who can vote?

Any Dayton/Miami Valley PMI member whose Chapter membership* is in good standing can vote. Voting is electronic and is completed before the Annual Business Meeting October 17, 2017. Proxy voting and advance voting is not permitted. Student members are not eligible to vote.

 * Membership status is determined by the PMI Global Operations Center Chapter Membership List. Chapter membership is additional to the general PMI membership. New memberships, or renewals, can take a few days to process and appear on the list, so please ensure your Chapter membership is active at least 1 week prior to the Election Meeting.

Description of the Roles

Each member of the Board has a responsibility to participate fully in the Chapter and make themselves available to the members. Board Members must attend board meetings, either physically or virtually. Board Members are expected to work for the chapter as a whole and coordinate efforts to fulfill the Chapter’s strategic initiatives while on the Board. In addition to these general Board requirements, below is a high-level list of tasks assigned to each VP role.

VP of Finance - Oversees the management of funds for duly authorized purposes of the PMI Dayton/Miami Valley Chapter. Manage all Chapter financial arrangements, records, and required state, local, and federal tax reports. Prepares Chapter financial reports. Develops an annual operating budget for the fiscal year for Board approval.

VP of Certification - Develops and coordinates educational activities related to certification. Interface with PMI® and Chapter members on: a) Certification and recertification requirements; b) PMBOK revisions; c) Standards and accreditation; and d) Certification study and test materials.

VP of Communications - Publishes timely notices to the membership of all scheduled activities and meetings (including their location, date, time and subject matter) as well as all other Chapter business that requires notification to the membership.   Develops and coordinate publicity programs inside and outside PMI. Manages social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Chapter's website -

VP Programs - Recommends an annual calendar of events for board approval, and stage the approved events.

VP Marketing - Provides media coordination of effort. Brand websites and other representations of the Chapter. Recommends advertising to the Board.

President-Elect - Prepares for filling of the role of President in 12 months. As President the responsibilities are: Preside over all Chapter meetings. Direct the activities of the other officers. Appoints Nominating Committee members. Runs the Chapter like a business, being fiscally responsible, while staying true to the objects of PMI. Oversees the preparation and submittal of the Chapter Annual Renewal Survey by the designated due date.